First and foremost, our art workshop facilitators follow

our Paint A Smile formula: Support, Mentor, Inspire, Love, Empower.

A number of our workshop facilitators are Ontario Certified Teachers who provide valuable workshops to kids. We provide a safe environment where kids feel allowed to just be themselves, regardless of their circumstances and abilities. We consider learning in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere the most effective and engaging way of working with young learners. We provide the space for art exploration to happen and highly encourage students to use their creativity and to think outside of the box. Our instructional approach is to encourage children to work at their own rate of development, and that every individual's art is unique and special. We do not believe that only particular people are artistic and creative, we believe everyone has that artistic capability. We make art to help build on character, such as respect, perseverance, honesty and integrity. We intentionally seek to create a positive learning environment for kids to feel safe, useful, free, confident, valued, needed, respected, comfortable and accepted. We describe a positive environment as:

  • Equitable and inclusive
  • Safe and supportive
  • Respectful
  • Caring

We provide accommodations and modifications for students with:
- Behavioural Exceptionality
- Pervasive Developmental Disorders / Autism Spectrum Disorders (PDD/ ASD)
- Deaf & Hard of Hearing
- Language Impairment & Speech Impairment
- Learning Disability
- Developmental Disability
- Physical Disability
- Blind & Low Vision
- Multiple Exceptionalities

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